CUNY Arts is an initiative of the City University of New York founded to create opportunities for all students to experience the richness of New York City’s arts and cultural institutions. 

My Team 


Andrea Baez - Project Manager


Raymond Sein - Brand Strategy
& Planning


Penelope Herrera - PR Strategy


John Holliday-Stewart - Comms Strategy


Jose Garcia - Art Direction

Carlos Matias - Copywriter

Ekaterina Mochalova - Art Direction 

Melissa Orr - Copywriting

CUNY Arts Client


Nyisha Howell - Chief of Staff to Interim Vice Chancellor, University Advancement


Hugo Fernandez -  CUNY Arts Advisor, Professor at LaGuardia Community College

Fatima Hernandez - Executive

Coordinator to the Chancellor's Chief
of Staff 

Competitive Pitch with $50,000 Campaign Budget  |   One-Year Rollout 

CUNY Arts came to us and tasked us with the following challenges:

No Awareness and Lack of Engagement


What We Learned


  • With 274,000 students attending the world's largest urban campus, the audience wants to find it.

  • CUNY Students live in the busiest, most amazing city in the world; they are overwhelmed with options.

  • ​Wherever we are, there is always something to do.



We are competing for CUNY students' time because the problem isn't actually awareness–it's attention.

CUNY arts didn’t just have a communications issue. They needed to shift the way they interacted with students.





CUNY Arts will help connect you to the art all around you showing that New York City local is like no other. But now, they played a bigger role by curating that information to CUNY students. 

Integrated Marketing Campaign


We’re going to get CUNY students excited about the arts by showing them how they are local to the richest culture in the world through our campaign

"Our Local is Unlike Any Other."

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A look into the process

Behind the Scenes 



I heard


  • CUNY Arts is understaffed and the clients are overworked. They don't have the man power they desire. ​​

  • ​They had a noble mission and knew what they wanted to accomplish but didn't know how to even begin.

I understood


  • Barely any points of contact with the client

  • Educational experience for CUNY arts

  • Be a marketing partner throughout entire involvement


A digital marketing campaign to reach students. 


A long-term solution engaging students through various channels that would keep CUNY Arts in their line of sight and top of mind when they are on and off campus.  



Discover the gems


New York is home to all CUNY students

  • Each part of New York, each borough, has its own personality. Students are proud of where they are from. Being a CUNY student myself, I knew the feeling all too well.

  • Getting students to relate to the value of CUNY Arts is more important to them than free memberships they don't connect to.

  • As a CUNY student, your relationship to the arts is more personal, more immediate, and a part of the local scene.



I evaluated


We encountered a not-so-minor setback. Between making sure all creative channels and disciplines were accounted for and putting together decks, deliverables and swag... our initial setup and story did not align with our creative campaign. 


Time to reverse engineer....

After partnering with strategy, we created a brand new story line and insight.

An exclusive membership unlocking benefits giving members unique ways to enjoy New York

Show how they are local to the richest culture in the world. No culture is more valuable than

local NY culture

7 days of grueling work, limited sleeping, and pulling an all-nighter the night before presenting to the client 

Knowing the Brand Better Than They Know Themselves

  • Defining themselves in a way that allowed them to engage with the student body

  • Taking advantage of the art and culture that is very present in New York City

  • Shift internally, not just their communications

The brand catalyst in me

became the marketing partner for CUNY Arts as well as an agency partner. By shifting them from a passive organization to a more active one, they were able to engage the student body better. 

This is how we won the pitch!

Conducting a Post Mortem

We diagnosed our project and came to the following conclusions.



Recorded all major decisions made and why the they were made 


Focus on the needs of the team, not only individual successes, failures or needs


Read and examine all provided materials and resources and research to expand knowledge before and while diving in


Assign team members with roles that match their expertise so they can appropriately utilize their skillsets and values

Manage each deliverable and team member to ensure each task is done correctly and on time . 

Collectively agree on and remain on strategy throughout entire process 



Stay true to client’s purpose and objectives

Design a campaign with personality and the right tonality that speaks to the target audience

Deliver all promised components of campaign aligning with client goals to bring their vision to life.