When I was a 6, I thought I would be an author. I turned 10 and was convinced that illustrating was my destiny. High school enforced my love of design and led to me to obtaining my Bachelors of Technology in Communication Design with a focus in advertising. Although I knew my love of art and copy would never subside, I soon realized that the creative track wasn't for me.

Fast forward to 2018. I began grad school at CUNY's CCNY in Branding and Integrated Communications where I will get my Masters in Professional Studies this spring. Here I learned that my calling was account management and planning.


All the remarks I'd constantly heard growing up meant to call out my flaws would finally come in handy...

"You don't have to do what's not required."

"Why do you take so many notes?"

"You're always so early."

and my personal favorite:

"Why do you remember everything?"

Because it's my calling.